Dr. Young at Shore Dental SleepCare explains how the firmness and your sleeping position could be bad for your health.

Pillows are necessary for a night of sleep that is full of comfort and truly restful. Sometimes, however, pillows can actually hurt our health. The firmness of a pillow and the position you tend to favor while sleeping can cause the neck to extend and, in turn, can cause breathing issues, sleep deprivation, and enhance snoring.

Dr. Young from Shore Dental SleepCare would like to share an article from Harvard Medical School’s Harvard Health Publishing website explaining how pillows can hurt our health. Our residents of Monmouth and Ocean County can rest easy when seeking answers on what type of pillow would be best to use when we sleep. Additionally, this article mentions specially designed pillows that can help those with pre-existing conditions get a better night’s rest.

Shore Dental SleepCare is a New Jersey sleep apnea specialist providing the most advanced CPAP treatments in Ocean & Monmouth County. If you are experiencing the symptoms of sleep-disordered breathing during allergy season and suspect that sleeping problems are affecting your daily activities, we can help restore your vitality using a variety of treatments, including alternate oral appliances. Reach out to Shore Dental SleepCare today on our contact page.

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