Dr. Young of Monmouth and Ocean County Shares an Article Discussing Oral Appliances in Treating Sleep Apnea

Snoring loudly or having breathing abnormalities? This could be a symptom of OSA. If you have OSA ("Obstructive Sleep Apnea"), this means that there are times during deep sleep when air cannot flow normally into the lungs. This is usually caused by the collapse of the soft tissues in the back of the tongue or throat. CPAP, or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, is the most common, and often even considered the gold standard, solution for treatment. The more sleep apnea is studied though, some researchers are finding that "sleep apnea is not all the same" and that some other treatment options might be available for less severe cases.

Dr. Young shares an article from Science Daily that explores this research. Click here to read more: - Oral Appliances May be Highly Effective in Treating a Type of Sleep Apnea

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"Wonderful staff, from the start of my process! I was referred by my cardiologist to see the Dr. I have AFib, and sleep apnea , a bad combination. Dr You g made me an Oral appliance which stopped my snoring , and allows me to sleep much more soundly . Easy to wear Follow up study showed apnea was successfully treated ! Thx Dr Young and Staff"

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